My BIGGEST Secret!!!

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I’ve been debating on sharing something amazing with all of you for a while now.  I just can’t hold it in any longer.  The secret is  Seriously, this is big!  You won’t believe how much time you will spend on this site if you click on that link.

This site is filled with thousands of samples, organized by stamp set name.  No doubt, you will find several cards that look very familiar- either you’ve seen something that looks just like it, or something that looks as though it may have been inspired from that sample.  That’s because I use this site regularly to prepare for workshops and to create personal cards.  Just about everytime I said, “I CASED (that’s Copy And Steal Everything, for those of you not familiar with the phrase) this project from a demonstrator website”, it was from this one site.  Well, either this one or the actual Stampin’ Up! demonstrator site.

Now, I want to explain why I didn’t share this fabulous little secret earlier.  1) The demonstrator who told me about it said she did not share the site with her customers. (Sorry, Ann, don’t hate me for leaking!)  She told me she didn’t because 2) the forum section can get a little ugly.  There are some negative people who argue with each other and there are others who give confusing and sometimes even flat-out-wrong information about specials, products and policies.  I must stress, that I have found more people on the board who are positive, informative, and very sweet and generous, but I do sometimes get tired of those others.  Anyway, I don’t ever visit that section of the site.  There is an actual Demonstror Only forum that I do visit frequently to share business ideas with the hundreds of demonstrators who share on that forum. (That’s where I found the online color coach.) 3) For a long time, I believed that only demonstrators could access this site.  When I joined, I had to prove to them that I was a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator.  Only later did I realize that it was just to let me access the demonstrator forums.

I’m sharing this with you now because 1) I’ve felt awful recently keeping this from you, 2) I want you to use your rubber! Visit the galleries for the sets you currently own that are going unused. CASE! You’ll get lots of ideas to get you going.

Now go on ladies, and eat your hearts out!  (Let me know if you have any questions or have problems accessing the site.)


Online Color Coach

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Check out this computerized color coach:  I’m sure I’ll still use my trusty tangible cardstock one more (because I usually grab it for a combo when I’m already sitting at my stamp table), but this one is fun to play with.  You can choose up to four colors and see if they all fit together in a color combo that this demonstrator has found worked for her.

Web-Savvy Tip

September 27, 2006 at 11:42 pm | Posted in Web-Savvy Tips | Comments Off on Web-Savvy Tip

not that I’m that savvy… 

To see larger images of the ones I’m posting, click on the Flickr Photos links on the right column of the page.  If the image you want is not showing, click on More Photos.  It should direct you to another page with the image larger.  Also, if I’d added the “recipe” for the card, it would show up there.  Someone please let me know if this does not work!

I’d like to get the site to be able to have you click on the image and have it enlarge, but I don’t know yet if I can do that.

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