Last Chance

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Today is the last day to email me your predictions for the retiring stamp sets.

I am so anxious to see the list tomorrow!


State Fair Awards Ceremony

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Last Thursday, I went to the awards ceremony for the Califonia State Fair Creative Arts.

Visit this post to see my winning cards and scrapbook pages.


It was nice to see all the other exhibits.  And it was so nice to have family there to celebrate with me!

For those visiting the fair, the Creative Arts exhibits are in Building 8 (ground level) in the Expo Center.   The cards are all together in a display case, but the scrapbook pages are scattered throughout the building.  My first one is to the left of the first display that you see when you walk into the building.  My other page is in the back of the building, under a display of a model of a carnival building at the fair.

This is a test, this is only a test

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Okay, I’m going to turn on the ability for you to make comments on my blog. 

I started my blog with the comments turned off for a couple of reasons.  First, I didn’t want people to feel obligated to post a comment every time they visited.  I don’t mind if you want to lurk without remarking on everything.  Second, I won’t always be able to respond to your comments immediately, the way some people with blogs do.  I’m a busy mom, so it might take a few days to reply to any comments that need to be addressed.

But I’m going to give the comments a try.  That way, if you want to comment on anything, or ask a question about a post, you can.

Maybe I’ll leave them open, maybe not.  We’ll see how it goes…

New Demonstrator Special

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To make it easier to read, click the picture to make it larger.

Basically, it says that you can get the Demonstrator Starter Kit for only $169 through November 30th.  That is $30 off.  The Starter Kit is a great deal anytime, really.  It includes $355 worth of merchandise and supplies.  And, you choose which stamp sets and colors you want in your kit!  Call me for more info.

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I’ve decided to create a blog.   This is in addition to my current Demonstrator Website
Here I will post projects I’m working on, techniques I’m obsessing over, exciting new products or specials from Stampin’ Up!, and anything else I might come up with.  This will be a place for you to check up on me.  See what I’m up to.  Feel free to email me through the link on the Contact Me page.

Thanks for visiting!

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