Convention Displays

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As promised, here are some of the displays that were around convention this year.

The first diplay I wanted to see was the Decor Elements one.  Stampin’ Up! staff was there to teach us how to apply the vinyl decorations to walls.  They even let everyone try it out.  I was surprised at how easy it is to put the Decor Elements up.

And these are samples of Phase 2, the next set of vinyl artwork Stampin’ Up! is releasing.  These will be available to purchase on Oct 1st.  The boards they are displayed on are 7′-8′ feet tall.  It was nice to see them IRL, because I hadn’t realized how big some of them actually were.

display 2 by you.  

display 3 by you.

display 4 by you.  display 5 by you.



Next, I headed over to the Big Shot display.


Here are some of the samples of things you can make with the Big Shot.

display 10 by you.

display 11 by you.

The patches on these baby clothes were cut out with the Big Shot!

display 12 by you.



I love these next displays!  Stampin’ Up! set up four “rooms” and throughout the week, Stampin’ Up! staff decorated them.  I took these photos on the last day, when they were all completed.  They are decorated with Decor Elements, Big Shot images, and of course, stamps!

 display 16 by you.

display 17 by you.

display 18 by you.


 display 19 by you.

display 20 by you.

display 21 by you.



display 24 by you.

display 25 by you.

display 26 by you.

display 27 by you.


 display 28 by you.

display 29 by you.

display 30 by you.

display 31 by you.

display 32 by you.

display 33 by you.

display 34 by you.


Other displays:


display 36 by you.


display 37 by you.



Convention ’08 – 4th & Final Day

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The last day was bittersweet.  We didn’t want the fun & excitement to end, but we couldn’t wait for what would come in the last General Session.  We knew the surprises weren’t over.  🙂   We also missed our families & our homes, and couldn’t wait to get back to apply the things we’d learned- in business & in stamping.

On the last day, the classes were first, and the General Session would take place in the afternoon.

Linda Hansen & Carrie Cudney taught great business classes, that also incorporated some stamping ideas.

Next, I had my final Make & Take session.  The projects, again, were fabulous!  But, I was itching to take some photos of the displays around convention before the day (and convention) ended.  So, I quickly stamped the pieces using the new In Colors that I didn’t have at home yet, and saved the rest of the projects to finish once I got home.  I share the display photos in another post.

 Once they began putting out lunch, I grabbed my box and got in line for the last General Session.  I enjoyed chatting with some other early birds I’d met that week.  Here’s Debi signing Dina’s flag.  By the end of the day, the flag was full of autographs, including Shelli’s! 

20-30 minutes before the doors opened, I turned around to get this photo of the lines behind me.

sat 3 by you.

Then, the moment came & we were in!  Dina (who runs like a gazelle!) got us front row seats again!


First, Pam Morgan spoke to us about circles & classics.







Next Carrie Cudney (who I’d just heard in a class) shared some “in the kitchen” projects. 

Here’s her “family recipies” book.  She includes a photo & journaling with each recipe, telling why its a family favorite and the traditions that go along with it.


Next, Carrie converted some Pop-Tart boxes into recipe card boxes.


And this “cookmark” is so simple, but very cute!  She just put some thin magnets on the bottom, on the front & back, so it would stay nicely in the book.


Then, Carrie showed us some adorable gift sets from the kitchen (and the stamp room).  The first is a birthday cupcake set, complete with cake mix, frosting, sprinkles, paper cups, cupcake picks, cupcake boxes!, and a matching card, each with stamped packaging.  Check it out!



The other was a s’more gift set with a tag made with the new Under the Stars stamp set.


Last, Carrie showed us a decorative plate set.  Great job, Carrie!



After that, Jaron Windor taught us how to make some great themed albums using the new 8-1/2 x 8-1/2 chipboard albums.  This one is an “about me” type of book.  He actually made it for his wife, Teresa.







Oh, then was the much-anticipated convention game show!  This year it was Stamp-tionary!  My friend, Dina was on one team.  I wish I had a good picture of her playing.

 sat 27 by you.


Remember that I said I was in the front row?  Well, during the game show, my friend & I watched this guy set up this canon right in front of us.  He pumped air into it, and we knew that something was going to shoot out.  We knew that something exciting was going to happen.  Our anticipation mounted.


Then Stampin’ Up! played the cutest commercial I have ever seen!  “Convention Attendee Barbie”!

sat 29 by you.

Notice the details!  I don’t know how they did it. 



The brunette barbie demonstrator is wearing the exact same green Stampin’ Up! shirt that I bought at the Momento Mall earlier that week.  They both have cute bags full of swap cards.  And did you notice the Decor Elements on the walls?  Those were all over the commercial.  I loved it! 

After the commercial, when Shelli was talking, there was the sound of a doorbell.  And just as it had happened in the commercial, a UPS guy came in holding a Stampin’ Up! box.  But when he announced that the package was for everyone, that’s when the screaming really erupted!


On the right side of the room (the side I was on), I saw a flamin’ UPS truck drive out from behind the curtains and UPS workers, and Stampin’ Up! staff in UPS shirts came running out with free stamps!  They gave us Say it with Scallops, the Ronald McDonald House set.  Confetti was shooting out of the canons, everyone was jumping up and screaming.  It was absolute crazy excitement.  I hope i never forget it.  What fun!  Here is what I saw:








Crazy Dina!                                   


Once the excitement died down enough for Shelli to speak again, she explained that the stamp sets were a gift from UPS!   I <heart> Brown!!



When the General Session ended, convention was officially over.  Robin, Dallas (a couple of my roommates) & I headed over to one of my favorite Salt Lake City restaurants, the Blue Iguana.




Goodbye, SLC, until next year!

sat 50 by you.

Convention ’08 – Day 3

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I’m back!  I’ve finally recovered from a week-long camping trip with my brothers & sisters.  And I have a lot of catching up to do!  First, I’ll finish my convention report.

I woke early enough to be one of the first 20 or so in line to get into the General Session.  And believe me, that’s early!

Once inside the Main Stage area (with front row seats next to my friends, Dina & Rose-Ellen!) we were surprised by the debut of the Stampin’ Up! All Star Band.  Every one of its members work at the Stampin’ Up! home office.  And they were incredible!  Boy, they had the place rockin’!


There were even special guest singers, Jaron Windor, Spencer Willis, and Linda Hansen & the S-U-premes (each famous Stampin’ Up! staff).

fri 4 by you. 


Once the General Session started, our president, Dale Filmore gave us the company stats. 

Here are flags representing the countries that Stampin’ Up! is in now.


I really enjoyed the blast from the past that morning, celebrating our 20 years.












Now:fri 8 by you.













Then Shelli gave us the big news about the Sizzix Big Shot.  We will begin selling these on September 2nd!  Everyone was excited to hear that we would be carrying the awesome die-cutting machine.  You should have heard the screams!


Shelli showed us how to use the Big Shot.  Then she showed us some cool things you can make with it!

fri 11 by you.

Sam is a lucky boy!

 fri 12 by you.


How about these invitations to a pizza party?


And these Christmas decorations


A “quiet book” for children made out of felt, to help them learn simple skills like lacing & buttons.



These decorations are for the baby shower and bedroom of Shelli’s latest granddaughter (Phoebe was just born last week!).

 fri 24 by you.

This decorative flourish is made by cutting a vinyl sheet with the Big Shot & one of Stampin’ Up!’s exclusive dies.


Next, Shelli gave a huge check to the Ronald McDonald House Charities. 


After that, we were treated to Linda Hansen, one of my absolute favorite presenters!  She started with this Chex cereal box.  She liked the way it looked, so she measured it and made some cute bags from it’s dimensions.  Linda encouraged us to get inspiration from everyday things around us.


fri 30 by you.

fri 31 by you.


Some other cute projects from Linda, made with chocolate!


And this super-stinkin’-cute bag Linda made that we all went wild for!  It is made with Designer Series Paper & the paper can be changed through slits at the top.  Oh, the possibilities!  We all wanted one for ourselves so bad.  lol.  Linda is so nice- she wrote up directions for all the convention attendees!

fri 38 by you.

After the General Session, we had another delicious lunch (I’m always pleased at how they put lots of healthy & tasty snacks in the boxed lunch).  In the afternoon, I had a couple of business-based classes.  The only photo I’ll share is one that shows a happy baby playing on the floor while mom attends convention.  

Then I did my first set of Make & Takes.  I love them!  I think this year’s were particularly good.  That might be because the free stamp sets that we use for the projects are so great!  I’ll share the Make & Take projects in a separate post later.

Convention ’08 – Day 2 Afternoon

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After our first Opening Session, all 6,000 of us swarmed out of the Main Stage and down the hall to the lunch room.  On each table was this sweet plate of cupcakes!

cupcake plate by you.

cupcake by you.

I love the little details from Stampin’ Up! that make each day at Convention special!


After lunch, my first class was about our Demonstrator Business Websites.  We got a sneek peak at the new designs for the next catalog period, and glimpses of the online ordering screens.  It looks good!  (Much better than our current online catalog.)  And my next class was about the recruiting opportunity.


My last thing that day was Demonstrator Theater.  Successful demonstrators shared some business tips and stamping projects.

The first demo was Wendy Knowles, who really impressed me.  She has five kids and has been a demonstrator for fifteen years!  She said something that I am going to claim as a theme for my workshops this year “K I S S – Keep It Simple and SANE”.  She stressed that fast and easy projects were much more fun for guests.  She said to save the fancier stuff for displays, classes, and clubs.  The other demonstrators, Marlayne Hardy and Mary Polcin (the first demonstator to sell $1 Million dollars in her career) were great, too!  They all had great projects to show us!




I went to dinner with my roommates.  After hearing about my delicious sandwich at the Nauvoo Cafe, they wanted to try it out.  We all loved it!  The restaurant is on the bottom floor of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, with a beautiful lobby.  We took a group photo there.

roommates by you.

Tammi (Jen’s friend), Jen, Robin, Dallas & Me

Convention ’08 – Day 2 Opening Session

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The day started with so much anticipation! 

The opening General Session began with a color guard, Stampin’ Up! staff singing & dancing, and pyrotechnics.  It was great!


Shelli (our superstar co-founder and CEO) was sweet, as usual.  I love that lady!  Plus, she had some exciting announcements.  My favorite was that she is going to start her own blog! will be up and running next Monday (Aug 4th) at 9am!  On her blog will be project ideas and also personal tidbits about her life at home and at the Stampin’ Up! home office.  She will also post creative challenges.  Shelli herself will choose the winner.  How cool is that?!

Shelli also said that she will begin a signature line of product.  The first items will appear in the Holiday mini catalog this fall.  Shelli’s favorites will be marked with a heart next to the product name.



Shelli also let us know that Stampin’ Up! will have another article in the December Holiday issue of Country Living magazine.  It will be 20 pages!



Next on the Main Stage was Brent Steele.  He said that although only the new stamp sets in the new Fall-Winter catalog are die-cut, all the sets in the Spring-Summer collection will be die-cut!

He also made this fabulous card with a new set “Under the Stars”.  When you pull the tab at the bottom, the bear’s arms move!

flying bear card by you.


 Next, Jill Kocherhans had some great things to show us from Phase 2 of Stampin’ Up!’s Decor Elements line.  It will come out this fall.  There are more colors, and some great new images from our favorite stamp sets!




As you can see, our first full day started off fabulously!  I’ll post more from Day 2 later.  🙂

Convention ’08 – Check In Day

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I’m here in Salt Lake City, Utah for the Stampin’ Up! convention!!!

picHome_SaltPalace by you.


I got in Tuesday afternoon and quickly got settled in my hotel room that I am sharing with three other demonstrators.  I’m staying at the Plaza Hotel and it is really nice!  The beds are comforable, the pillows are great, and the whole hotel looks really nice.  I met my first roommate, Robin, then we both took off for the evening.  I had a quick dinner at the delicious Nauvoo Cafe, then spent a few hours at the Salt Lake Temple.  Later that evening I met Jen & Dallas, my other roommates.  I am quite lucky.  I’ve never met these ladies before and they are really nice!  We gave each other roomies gifts (which each included chocolate! lol) and got to know each other a little.


Yesterday morning, we couldn’t wait to go over to the Salt Palace convention center to pick up our new convention bags!  Inside were plenty of goodies, including the brand-new catalog and three new stamp sets!

convention bag and goodies by you.


Then I spent almost three hours in line to get into Memento Mall.  This is wear Stampin’ Up! sells souvenier type stuff.  I bought a super cute new shirt with trimming from the new Windsor Knot designer series papers, a CD-rom with samples from convention classes, charms, cute chapsticks in our new Designer Series prints, and other fun things.

memento mall goodies by you.

Next, I went to lunch with Robin and Dallas.  I really liked the Coca-Cola pork loin sandwich I had for dinner Tuesday night, so I recommended we go back to the Nauvoo Cafe for lunch.  I’m talking real sandwiches.  With real homemade bread and they carve the meat for your sandwich right in front of you.  Yum!

After lunch, the others went on the tour of the Stampin’ Up’ canvas in Riverton.  I enjoyed wandering through Temple Square and got some pics of the temple, the other beautiful buildings, and the surrounding gardens.  Then, I saw the LDS conference center through the trees and decided to go take a tour.  The architecture and artwork are amazing!


Last night, I went to  the SCS dinner and swap.  There were 400 of us there!  Despite the air conditioning being out, and having trouble with our server, I had a good time.  And I got some fabulous swaps to show you at my New Catalog Mystery Hostess party Aug 9th!

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