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June 11, 2008 at 8:14 am | Posted in Stampin' Up! | 1 Comment

The craft fair I participated in last Saturday was a bust!  I believe they advertised well, but the location was the pits.  Only 7 customers came through the doors!!  It was really unfortunate because there were some vendors with some really nice stuff.  Needless to say, I have a whole lot of cute items I had made to sell that still need selling.  🙂  So I got online & started researching.  And I found out about the Park Your Art event that McMartin Realty does in conjuction with the 2nd Saturday Sacramento Art Walk.

If you haven’t heard about the Sacramento Art Walk, you should really check it out!  Art Galleries stay open into the evening, and often serve drinks & snacks.  But there are other companies (like the one I’ll be with) that have nothing to do with art normally, but you’ll find their business set up like art galleries for that one night as well!  Gyms, apartment buildings, office spaces all turn into temporary art exhibits in the Art Walk area every 2nd Saturday. 

Here is the map to the Art Walk.  I’ll be in the middle of the action at McMartin Realty at 21st & K.

What McMartin does is special because it doesn’t charge artists & crafters to sell at their lot!  So, it gives artists a place to diplay their things that couldn’t afford to have a place in a “real” gallery.  And it looks like a lot of fun!  They often have live music, too.  Check out the Park Your Art website.  (Honestly, its not a fantastic website, but hey!, they’re putting this on for free!)  This is a great event for crafters* & shoppers!!

So, come by and say “hi” this Saturday from 6-10pm(Edited to put the correct times!  Thanks, Rob!)

*(For those who might consider selling at the Park Your Art event, you do need to submit an application including photos of your work.  You can download the application here and take it in to McMartin Realty.  You might still be able to get a spot at this Saturday’s event!)

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  1. Hey, thanks for the kind words and we look forward to seeing everyone this weekend for PARK YOUR ART at McMartin Realty 6-10pm at 21st & K. 🙂

    Visit our website

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