We’re Free to Sell Our Cards!!

October 16, 2007 at 7:45 am | Posted in Stampin' Up!, Stampin' Up! Policy | 2 Comments

In the past, Stampin’ Up!’s Angel Policy has allowed us all to sell our handmade creations as long as we use one of Stampin’ Up!’s Limited License stamps on the back of the card, but never in a “permanent retail location”.  That means no one was legally allowed to sell anything with a Stampin’ Up! copyrighted image in any place that was considered “permanent” (a store, internet website, or internet auction site). 

But Stampin’ Up! has decided to change their policy!!  Woo Hoo SU!

The change will be effective November 15th, 2007.

This is what was posted on the demonstrator side of the website just this morning:

Angel Policy – Article 4 of Stampin’ Up!’s Angel Policy has been revised to allow the sale of hand-stamped items in permanent retail locations. The seller must clearly indicate that the items were created by hand, and not a product of the company. The seller may indicate that the supplies used to make the items are from Stampin’ Up!, but the company logo may not be used in any way for the sole purpose of promoting the sale of these items.”

Be sure to wait until Nov 15th to take advantage of this change in policy.  Use this month to speak to store owners about selling your creations and get a jump start on making awesome projects to sell.   This is just in time for the Christmas season!

You will still need to have your craftwork stamped with one of Stampin’ Up!’s Limited License stamps.  They are shown on pages 149, 152 & 153 of the Stampin’ Up! Fall-Winter Collection

If you have questions about these stamp sets, would like to purchase one of these sets, or have any questions about this new policy, please contact me.


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  1. That’s great!
    I am glad that they changed their policy.
    I wish I had time to stamp stuff to sell.

    They should make a little stamp with just the copyright mark on it, instead of adding it to some of their stamps. Of course you can always just use a marker to use the copyright part without the rest of the stamp.

  2. What if I make my card with a combination of stamps- some from Michaels’s or Joann’s, Fiskars and also maybe a small sentiment from Stampin up? Can I mention “some stamps copyright Stampin up or is the WHOLE project copyrighted to Stampin up?

    Also where to get the online version of the Stampin’ Up! Limited License stamp???

    Any input is appreciated… thanks!

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