Day 4

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Did I mention what a party Convention is?  

When they open the doors, everyone rushes in.  (At least the front of the line does, I don’t see what the back is doing. lol)  We make a mad dash to get good seats.  There is upbeat music, and Stampin’ Up! employees are inside cheering.  Then when you’ve gotten your seat, lots of people swap or dance.  Here I am dancing with some other demonstrators before the last General Session started:

At every convention, Stampin’ Up! does a spoof on a popular game show.  (Last year I was a contestant on Stamps or No Stamps.)  This year:


Stampin’ Up! officials helped the “class” of demonstrators, randomly chosen, win a Stampin’ Up! shopping spree (although it was the class that did the “helping”- boy, did they need it!).  That morning, 12 demonstrators each won at least $200 in SU! merchandise.

Then Michael Smith (Sr. VP Major Initiatives) gave us some good fatherly advice.  He said the average American watches 4.5 hrs of TV every day.  He said that the average parent spends 17 minutes of face to face conversation with their child each day.  What if those numbers were switche?  He told us to turn off the TV.  I love watching TV, but I will try to spend more time one on one with my kids.  He also cautioned us to not be judgemental and that fear can be parylizing.

Other highlights from the last morning:





In a class that afternoon, I saw some presentations by fellow demonstrators.

Scott Strehlow (a 6’7″ stamper) showed some awesome projects using Spectrum pads.  I haven’t used mine in a while and it really made me want to pull them out!



Karen Duke showed an old favorite of mine using reinkers: the Polished Stone technique. 


Michelle Fischer did a demo that we started calling “Back to the Box”.  She started with a simple white box and showed lots of different ways to dress it up.   I’m thinking about having a class based on her ideas.


That evening was Awards Night.  My friend, Ann Clemmer was recognized for being one of the top 100 demonstrators (she’s #68!). 


Then, entertainment!


I am so looking forward to Convention 2008!


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  1. Thanks for telling us all about convention. It sounds like so much fun.
    The “Are you smarter than a demonstrator?” and “What not to bring” spoofs made me laugh just from the names. That must have been fun to watch.
    Did the host tease the contestants like they do on “Are you smarter than a 5th Grader?”
    So was the “What not to bring” one a class? I think you mentioned a class with skits about what not to do at a Stamp workshop.
    Tell us about the other “highlights from the last morning” picts. What’s up with the cooking lady?
    (I like how that pict. and the one next to it of Shelli almost line up in the background with the cloud.)
    Great Pictures!

  2. Miriam-
    The host for the game show was great! Yeah, he would ask them questions about Nascar and stuff. When they didn’t know what he was talking about, he’d say something like, “Nah, I didn’t think we’d be friends.” He always hosts the game shows. Last year, for “Stamps or No Stamps”, he shaved his head!
    “What Not to Bring” was actually a different class than the one that had skits that showed what not to do at a workshop. This class was done by Pam Morgan (the lady in the pic next to the sign pic). She is so funny! They showed a video first just like they do in the TV show, pointing out everything she does wrong. It showed her bringing ALL of her stamp stuff to the hostess’ house and making the hostess’ kids unload the stuff for her. She reminded us that being a demonstrator is fun & easy! Bringing more stuff than you need to a workshop is stressful for both the demonstrator and the hostess.
    The “cooking lady” is Amy Yingling (Sr. Concept Artist!). She showed us how to creatively use our alphabet and word stamps on projects (notice the “A” on her hat).
    The little alphabet book was so cute! It’s the On Board Bitty Book. The dry erase marker is attached to the book so the kids can practice writing their letters on the page protectors! The “My ABC’s” wheel is perfect for this.

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