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No matter how much we love stamping, it is often hard to find the time to do it.  I think the step that takes up the most time is designing the card, and sometimes making sure I have all the supplies I need to create it.  That is one reason I think Stampin’ Up!’s Simply Sent Card Kits are a great idea.  The kit comes with a die-cut stamp set (no trimming required!) and ALL the materials needed to create 10 cards.  There is a step-by-step instruction sheet included for 2 wonderful cards (with accessories!) and the supplies to make 5 of each design.  The cardstock is even pre-cut!  Of course, after you’ve made the cards, you’ll still have the stamp set, inks and gift box.  And, Stampin’ Up! is going to post 3 additional cards that you could make for each kit on their website.  I’ll link to that once it’s up.

Get them for yourself- but they also make perfect gifts!  The new stamper will have everything she (or he!) needs to have the confidence to make some really nice cards.  And your stamping friends will appreciate the luxury of being able to sit down to a stamping session with everything ready for them!  The kits are ready to give in an attractive box.

Click here to view the kits and see exactly what’s in them.  The links for the kits are on the left side of the page.  The first two kits are Limited Edition; they will only be available through the end of February.  The rest will be available until the end of June.  These kits will be featured in the Winter Mini catalog.  The remainder of the catalog isn’t available for purchase until December, but these kits have a pre-sale starting Nov. 15th!

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